RECEIVING SUPERVISOR POSITION Dear Sir / Madam Please find the attached my CV (CURRICULUM VITAE) and here to apply for the above mentioned Position for WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR RECEIVING that is currently advertised on your Company Website (www.burnabys.co.za) and PNET (Pnet). I’m very much interested in this Position for my Carrier growth and I also have experience in Logistics Management, Team Leader or Leading, Stock Control and Supervising Staff as well in Receiving of Stock or Goods in the Warehouse, Receiving, Issuing, Dispatching and Handling of goods or products and Inventory as well and I’m currently managing and running the Warehouse and Managing staff as well. I have Matric Certificate and Diploma in Warehouse, Transport and Logistics and other more Certificates as well including Supervisory Skills Management Certificate and I have experience in Warehousing or Warehouse and I have experience in Receiving, Management or Managing Staff, Vehicles, Sales, Customer Care (MAINTAINING CUSTOMERS), Planning of Route, Staff & Vehicles, Administration, Other Daily General Management and Excellent in Stock Management using Sage Pastel System because I have been doing this for Eighteen (18) years as I have been working in the Warehouse for Ten (10) years since 2003 To 2012 and in those Ten (10) years I have been working as Warehouse Supervisor for Six (6) years and Warehouse and Stock Management until today or To Date and in the Store Warehouse for Nine (9) years since 2012 until to date or day as a Team Leader / Coordinator (Logistics Administrator). I have experience in using Sage Pastel System as I have been using this Sage Pastel System for more than Ten (10) years now until today or to date. I hope my application will be taken into consideration and I will appreciate if I’m given a chance to improve myself and add value in your organisation by showing my Management and other skills as well for Carrier Growth and you will not regret if you decide to employ me because I’m a dedicated individual or person who can handle pressure and I can work under pressure environment and I can also work long hours as well. Kind Regards, F.M Baloyi Fanuele Masengetha Cell Number/s: 073 478 1015 & 078 886 7075
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Fanuele Masengetha Baloyi