Sir/madam I a m here to be considered for available vacancy at your company ,I have always aspired to be employed in your company and would consider it with a fulfilment of my dreams should your company consider me for vacancy within your company. The rate of enough service in productivity of the company come first so that KPIS target will improve in order to maintain order in cost saving at all times and working as part of your company team would give me the opportunity to contribute much in building company’s success and improve business potential of the company. As a responsible company abiding by law of SA people with high moral values, I believe that is a responsibility of every worker to present a company better and safer place to deliver service in time . Being employed in your company will give me the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment towards the achievement of the noble goal. I a m prepared to serve the company with distinction should I be given the opportunity to do so. I will always be willing to discharge my service in the interest of the company I will be srving. I a m well prepared to be called for an interview at any time as long as I notified two days before . Yours sincerely mampadmk 0792856787
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Doctor mampa