My name is Bonolo Lesetedi, and I have recently completed my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and Technical Support. I have the intellectual capacity and relevant experience that I have gained from my working experience. I’ve developed good communication skills at all levels and sound customer service management, project administration experience from planning to budgeting and executing. I have learnt good work ethics working with people from all backgrounds and different levels and cultures, maintaining the respect and confidentiality in all areas of my profession. I have the potential to acquire new more skills. I am assertive and a team-player. I am brilliant, committed, and career-oriented and can multi-task with analytical thinking. I am a go-getter and an ambitious young man who is on a mission to advance my education and skills. My hobbies are photography and computer trends, chess, reading current affairs and social gatherings. I also enjoy camping and being on adventures outdoors with family and friends.
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Bonolo Lesetedi