I am writing to apply for the Lab technician position as posted on your website. I believe that my educational background and experience with laboratory settings make me among the suitable candidates for the position. I hold a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, Bachelor of Technology in Chemistry, and currently, I have completed my dissertation for a Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering (Water Science). According to the information available on your website, the duties for the position include: - • To perform sample preparation and instrumental analyses on environmental samples and other matrices • To operate laboratory instruments such as GC-MS, GC-MS/ MS, and GC-FID I am glad that the activities mentioned formed the core of my master's work which involved the analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons using GCxGC-TOF-MS after a series of sample preparation steps. Moreover, your website further stipulates the required personal attributes a candidate for this position should possess, which include: - • Knowledge of approved analytical Chemical Methods – personal computer operation and statistical methods used in analytical data • Skills in manipulating and operating lab equipment and instruments • Ability to keep records and present oral and written reports of work done • Able to work effectively with others and function independently • Adjust schedules to accommodate emergencies and changing conditions • Ability to communicate efficiently with others and to assimilate and comprehend information in a manner consistent with essential job functions • Sense of urgency, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. I am glad to let you know that, my academic life has equipped me with all the above-listed attributes as in all cases I have managed to complete my programs (ND, BTech, MTech) within the acceptable time. I have been prompted to submit my progress reports well in time, discuss findings, write a scientific/technical report, and submit within time. In many cases, I have presented the findings of the work done in the laboratory within the Universities I have attended to and in international conferences and symposia Thank you for your time and consideration in advance. Yours Sincerely Lerato E Monatisa NB: I have emailed my CV to the emailed indicated in your website
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Lerato Elizabeth Monatisa