Greetings I am writing to express my interest in the Analytical Chemist position. I have the necessary experience and background theoretical knowledge in analytical chemistry and laboratory testing. I am a recent honours Forensic Chemistry graduate from the University of the Free State. This position is going to help me with the opportunity to enhance my knowledge, improve my communication and presenting skills and to represent myself in accurate manner. I am a very hard-working person and a team player in a group. It is believed that I possess great leadership skills, although my personality weighs more as an introvert rather than as an extrovert. However, I can be a team member when needed. Taking responsibility is one my greatest tribute as I find it easy to adjust and adapt to the presented situation. I hope to hear from you soon to further discuss my interest in this position. Yours Sincerely, Nongcebo Ngqulunga
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Nongcebo Ngqulunga