Application for Lab Assistant position : Pretoria East. I recently graduated as a chemical engineer from Tshwane University of technology. Prior to my completion, I worked as a Laboratory Assistant at The Tshwane University of Technology Laboratory for a Year. I am a disciplined, ambitious and hardworking person, with good verbal, interpersonal and communication skills. I always tackle challenges in a positive and a constructive manner. What makes me different from other applicants is that My exposure to different challenges increases my decision making and problem-solving skills. I always crave to learn something new and I am a dedicated and motivated fast learner. I would be highly grateful to be considered for an interview, Should you require any documents be it my CV, Academic Record or Matric Certificate. Please contact me with the email that I can send them to at akinwotuifeoluwa@gmail.com or 0814960210.
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Ifeoluwa Isaac Akinwotu