• Administrative and a Receptionist Professional possessing a strong desire to learn and grow professionally. • Proficient in Ms Office, reliable administrator with a keen focus on detail, accuracy and the impact of the finished product. • Expertise in Microsoft Office Quick Book, project administration, HR administration including coordinating complex travel arrangements and schedules. • Ambitious and motivated administrator bringing 3 years of experience supporting project Analyst, executive director and senior partners and 1 year experience in bookkeeping administration. • Certified Business administrative professional, Professional, committed to quality performance, cognitive thinking and management of organisational goals. • ACQUIRED SKILLS / ABILITIES • Problem-solving • Analytic Thinking • Stakeholder Engagement • Administration • Strategic Planning • Travel Arrangements • HR Administration • Office Coordination • Report Writing • Contract Management • Change Management • Performance Management • Implementation Management • Training • Crisis Management • Business Strategy • Staff Development • Communication Skills • Project Administration • Computer Literate • Customer Service • Staff Management • Time Management • Troubleshooting • Interpersonal Skills • Advanced Supervisory skills • Stress management • Leadership skills • Attention to detail • Able to multi task • Organisational skills • Stress management • EDUCATION DETAILS Grade 12 Certificate • Facilation.moderation and • Assessor • Business Administration (NQF level 4) • Security Officer (Grade E-C) • Communication literacy • Applied project management • Customer service certificate • Computer Literacy • Business excellence COMPUTER LITERACY • Ms Word • Ms Excel • Ms Power Point • Outlook • Lotus • Yammer • Quick Books • Internet • Email • Publisher (2010) • Social safety networking • Password security • Safer web browsing • Email security • Security essentials • Data protection and destruction • URL training • Mobile device security • Mobile app security • PII CAREER DETAILS Name of Employer SKF South Africa Nature of the business Engineering company Designation / Title Accountant Trainee(Bookkeeping junior) Period of Employment 19 February 2018 - 28 February 2019 Reason for Leaving End of Contract Duties: • Recording financial transactions • Handling accounts payable and receivable • Completing tax forms • Managing profit and loss statements and balance sheets • Paying regular bills for the company • Maintaining company ledgers • Handling client invoices by recording and approving or denying the payments • Appropriately coding payables to prepare them for the accountant's input later • Distributing money appropriately to various departments within the company • Invoicing deliveries and paying vendors for their goods and services • Maintaining office supplies by keeping an inventory and ordering new supplies as needed • Preparing purchase orders in accordance with requests for materials • Handling subsidiary accounts • Filing historical records and retrieving necessary documents as needed for others • Researching and complying with federal, state, and local requirements as they pertain to the company's operations and financial activities • Monitoring debt levels and ensuring compliance with debt covenants • Recording cash receipts and handling bank deposits • Maintaining petty cash • Preparing information for auditors • Keeping an annual company budget • Providing administrative and clerical support as needed • Additional bookkeeping duties as designated by management • Volunteer work at the warehouse • Packing • Coding orders • Knowledge in SARAH , COH ,ADHOC systems relating to sales duties,eg.POD’s.and PO’s Name of Employer Rebel Group Advisory(Pty)Ltd Nature of the business Consultants Designation / Title Business Administration Period of Employment 2017 – February 2018 Reason for Leaving Seeking New Challenge Duties: • Managed the CEO’s complex and frequently changing travel arrangements and coordinated the pre- planning of trips. • Directed administrative function for the director, consultants and key managers. • Distributed company-wide announcements, booked conference rooms and coordinated catering for annual staff development forum. • Tracked and maintained monthly and yearend vendor rebates • Coordinated deals visitations, company special events and other employee morale functi0ns • Developed and maintained an alert system for upcoming deadlines or incoming request and events • Researched, proposed and implement vendor services to decrease cost to organisation. • Located and attached appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies • Managed external contracts for CEO and kept track of periodic communication needed for priority contracts. • Created expense report, budgeting and filling systems. • Assisted with team building initiatives and overall support for maintenance of organisational culture and employee morale. • Supported Human Resource department in the annual employee, manage performance merit increases. • Frequently used Word Processing, Excel (spread sheet), Database and Power Point (presentation software). • Reconcile and processed expense reports for internal and field personnel. • Conducted research to prepare, gather and proof briefing materials, agendas and desk for all executive-level meetings. • Processed travel expenses and reimbursements. • Developed and maintained internal filing system • Working with XERO Accounting System, FAMILIAR to SAGE Name of Employer Ester International (Pty)Ltd Nature of the business Aircon installations Designation / Title Administrator Period of Employment January 2017 – May 2017 Reason for Leaving Career Advancement • Located and attached appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies • Developed and maintained internal filing system • Frequently used Word Processing, Excel (spread sheet), Database and Power Point (presentation software). • Tracked and maintained monthly and yearend vendor rebates • Directed administrative function for the director, consultants and key managers. • Managed external contracts for CEO and kept track of periodic communication needed for priority contracts Name of Employer Ekupholeni Trauma Crisis Centre Nature of the business Trauma counselling centre Designation / Title Assistance Auxiliary Social Worker(volunteer) Period of Employment January 2015 – December 2015 Reason for Leaving Voluntary Work Duties: • Analysed department document for appropriate distribution and filling. • Assisted with various business groups with document organisational and dissemination during acquisitions. • Created board room for enhance understanding • Attended counselling sessions with clients • Managed telephonic follow-ups of clients Name of Employer Giorgio Armani Nature of the business Designation / Title Fragrance Consultant(part-time) Period of Employment 2015 Reason for Leaving Part Time Position Duties: • Assisted with promoting new fragrances • Customer services • Fragrance advisor Name of Employer EGI Holdings (Pty)Ltd) Nature of the business Catering and Décor Designation / Title Catering and Décor assistance Period of Employment 2014 – 2015 Reason for Leaving Studies Duties: • Implemented marketing strategies which resulted in 12% growth of customer • Developed new Process for employee evaluation which resulted in market performance improvements • Responsible for creative design for prominent project Hobbies and interest : I love playing tennis, reading books and listening to music References Company Contact person Contact details Position EGI Holdings Estorinah +27 76 921 5290 Director. Giorgio Armani Ashely +27 82 926 0662 Manager. Ekupholeni trauma centre Sam van der Grijp +27 11 909 2929 Manager. Ester international Barbra +27 11 590 9018 Manager. Rebel Group Andreas Bertoldi +27 11 581 9400 / +27 83 264 2243 Director. SKF South Africa Barry Daily Corle Grobler +27 11 821 3500 Director HR Manager NB:I declare that all information above is legally correct and can be proven.
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