I hereby apply for the post of Receptionist. I believe that my expertise and qualifications in Office Administration and Management Assistant will make me a vauable asset to you organisation and I would appreciate your carefull consuderation of my credintials as presented in the copy of my attached CV. As the CV indicates, here are the reasons why i believe I am the candidate you are searching for and how I will add value to your organisation to achieve itd goals or Mission and Vision. REASON 1: The experience I have achieved over the years as an Administrative Assistant. REASON 2: I work very well under lot of pressure. REASON 3: The skills I have gained, I have good communicatiom skills (written and Verbal) I am computer literate and i have good problem solving skills. I am excited about the possibility of joining your organisation for the duration of my employment. I can be reached at 076 4783 830 or melikhayamellie@gmail.com I thank you for your kind consideration of my application and I am available for an interview at anytime convenient to you. Yours Faithfully Melikhaya Nkonzo (Mr.) 076 4783 830
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Melikhaya Nkonzo