To who it my concern Subject: Application for employment (Operations Manager: Warehouse and Distribution) Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your advertisement. You will notice on my CV that I have the experience and skills you need for this position. I have a B Tech Degree in Logistics Management and have worked in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry from 2002 – 2013. I have further worked as a Sales & Customer Service Manager from 2013 - To date. My work experience includes: 1. Sub-Sahara Africa Parts Logistics coordinator ( IBM South Africa 2002-2004 ) a. Reason for leaving ( Contract expired released to seek permanent employment ) 2. Logistics and Procurement Controller ( Clipsal South Africa 2004-2006 ) a. Reason for leaving ( Afforded the opportunity to go work in Europe ( Spain ) for Schneider Electric Spain ) 3. Bulk Storage Warehouse Controller ( Schneider Electric Spain 2006-2008 ) a. Reason for leaving ( Contract expired had to return to South Africa ) 4. Logistics Controller ( Schneider Electric South Africa 2008-2010 ) a. Reason for leaving ( Search for personal and professional growth after working for the Schneider Electric/Clipsal Group for 6 years ) 5. Warehouse Supervisor ( Blastrite South Africa 2010-2011 ) a. Reason for leaving ( Promoted ) 6. National Warehouse Manager (Blastrite South Africa 2011- 2013) a. Reason for leaving (Promoted) 7. Branch Manager (Blastrite South Africa 2013 – 2015) a. Reason for leaving (Promoted) 8. Gauteng Regional Manager (Blastrite South Africa 2015 – TODATE) I am an extremely dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic person who is always looking to learn and improve my knowledge base. I am always looking for new challenges to build myself as a person and to contribute towards cost minimization and optimization for any organization that I work for. I have strong management skills with very good people management skills. I am a self-starter and require no supervision in executing my duties and attaining my goals and targets. I have been employed in the private sector all my professional career, which is a challenge I have embraced and enjoy. I am confident that after reading through my resume you will be convinced that I would be an interesting candidate to call for an interview. I would like to thank you once again for this opportunity to apply for this very attractive employment opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely, Zwelinjani Majavu 0827796078/0832871791
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Zwelinjani Majavu