Good day, My name is Leane Thorpe and  I am  a  seasoned Procurement Manager professional  with  over 8  years  of  experience.  I  recently  came  across  your  posting  on  and  I’m  writing  to  express  my  interest  in  helping.   In  my  current  role  as  a  Procurement Manager  at  Turnkey Logistics Solutions, I am  responsible for  Sourcing,  Ordering,  and  Delivery.  The  professional experience  I’ve  gained  during  my  time  here  has  helped  me  to Stay calm under tight deadlines and think out of the box,  while  improving  my  overall sourcing and pricing negotiation knowledge.   Prior  to  this  position,  I  spent  5 years  working  as  a Procurement and Logistics Manager.  In  this  role,  I  was  tasked  with  a  handful  of  unique  challenges,  including Rate of Exchange  and Customs delays. Over  the  course  of  my  time,  I  was  able  to overcome  and  redefine  these  challenges  by  effect time management , Team communication, pulling my hair out while drinking lots of coffee but having a great team who understands that some factors / situations are out of my hands.   I’ve  attached  my  resume  for  further  review.  Please  do  not  hesitate  to  reach  out  via phone  or  email  if  you’d  like  to  speak  about  my  experience  in  more  detail. Thank you for your consideration.  
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Leane Thorpe